Self-Esteem and/or Self-Worth is our number one goal for this incarnation!  Journey with us to identify your limiting beliefs and begin to recognize, understand and change your life.  


Well-Come to our ‘tribe’!

Visit supposellc.com for registration details!

Upcoming Events - 

Ashland Virginia August 9-11 2019

West Palm Beach/Wellington Florida - August 31- Sept. 2, 2019 

Healers Gathering WPB Florida September 3rd 


Understanding Shamanism Today

Second Meetings Mid October, pending availablity to meet with Azure Windwalker to make personal Drums!  

Shannadoah Mountains, Virginia - Venue TBA

Contact Myra to join a new Tribe for the Fall meeting. 

We will meet with New Journeyers the day before the October meeting and then join the initial Journeyers for the following 3 days. 

Plan for Your Journey with Shiny Eyes See Far (Myra’s wisdom name) 

We will journey for three days, in a retreat setting, three times a year for the first year and you will be able to opt in for a second year with others who begin their journey.

The journey will have some structure, however we will follow the needs of the participants with a focus on the individual experience within community. The following is a suggested outline for our time together and many traditions will be introduced and experienced.

Tennative Meetings will be October 9th for New members and 10-13, 2019 for the entire group. The Third Meeting will be February 6-9, 2020. 


Link to Spiritual info and shamanic practice opportunities. 

More information regarding the opportunity to study and “Understanding Your Journey" with Myra. 

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