Bi-Monthly Witness (Monolith) Group Meetings 

WooFinders Monoliths SDeVoss

“WooFinders” Group in the Richmond and Central Virginia area.  Since 2010, this group meets sharing our experiences in transforming Beliefs through facilitation, Balancing and surrogation. Members are at various stages of Facilitation, some professional while others work with themselves and family/friends.

In this time of rapid change, the WooFinders look for the Lyte to share with one another so we carry the supportive energy into the world.  Each member has different gifts and talents, come from various walks of life including gender, race, religion etc.  We are able to listen, learn and grow from our experience, transcending this 3 diminsional plane to embrace The Grander Plan.  

Several websites are favorites for the group including Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Sananda, Gaia, and many more.  Follow us on FaceBook to keep up with dates, events, and just embrace the Fun in this Wonderful World in which we live!!  

We welcome all to come and experience the change! Our hope is you will get ‘hooked’ on the amazing process of PSYCH-K and schedule a session and/or a workshop.  

Contact Myra for invitation, address, dates and times.

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