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What makes this workshop ‘better’ than other offerings?

Hi all, I am a senior engineering leader and have worked in several fortune 100 companies in the past like Microsoft, Amazon and American Express to name a few. I have had the opporutnity to have benefited from some of my companies in the past investing in executive coaching and trainings for me to help with growth moments and dealing with change. Nothing was as transformative or as immediate as attending Myra’s one workshop on Psych-k was. It helped address problems that I thought I had gotten over, which were deep rooted and were manifesting as health problems, by changing my belief system at subconscious level. I wish more people went with an open mind leveraged these immense possibilities. It is good for each of us individually and as a collective for this planet. Thank you Myra, I am so grateful for your help!

B. Nuvvula, India

May the AHNA promote PSYCH-K workshops that Myra Lovvorn teaches. She is outstanding in her ability to relate her expertise both as a Hospice nurse and a PSYCH-K Instructor.  Nursing has been lacking in the caring science of helping patients self-heal at the subconscious and spiritual levels. PSYCH-K is the gateway to equipping nurses profoundly in Holistic healing in mind-body-spirit wholy!

Mary M. RN, Detroit, MI

A life changing course that proves every particle in the universe is connected.  Thank you for making the course(s) affordable because they are worth so much more. The price reflects the honorable intentions of the cours and its originators. 

T. Daniels, North Carolina

I had the most amazing, profound experience all during this workshop! I cannot wait to share with the world. I've already done some balances with my boyfriend that have been incredible. He's so excited and receptive and has already felt a huge difference in my energy and feminine power. I definitely feel it. It's everything I've ever been asking for. I feel better than I have in a very, very long time. There is a shift in my world that will bring amazing new beginnings and awareness and I am beyond excited for what the future brings. Thank you so much Myra. You are simply wonderful. 

Beverly S., MT, Tarpon Springs, Florida

Psych-k balances facilitate change for the client by using a belief statement, or by connecting with a recurring feeling- my experience of the latter balance is what I wish to share. 

At six years old my father and mother divorced, and my father moved across the state from us; I saw him irregularly. In terms of subconscious patterns this set up a nondescript yet persistent feeling of anxiety and the fear of "being abandoned" in relationship- a feeling in my body that the "other shoe will drop" eventually. For years I have consciously recognized the poor decision-making and clingy behavior which is a byproduct of persistent anxiety and self-doubt, but I could not change or stop the feeling behind these patterns, and they persisted. During my training in Psych-k, we balanced for this feeling in a simple and short session, and I have not experienced it since. This fear no longer dictates my decisions, I don't fear losing relationships, missing out, or doing something "wrong;" I no longer doubt my decisions and instincts...and for the first time I am successfully building my own business, choosing my participation in relationship, and living with healthy and empowered boundaries. I know this may sound "too good to be true," but believe me, I've spent many years and a lot of resources looking for the path to freedom from subconscious patterns. With Psych-k, I have found a new trust in myself, my authentic expression, and the world...and the positive outlook has only just begun! I hope you are inspired by my story to choose your own path to happiness, free from what you were "programmed" to believe, and live in authenticity, prosperity and love. 

Meghan G., Asheville, North Carolina

I am writing to endorse this wonderful energy work that Myra (shares) known as PSYCH – K. I was a long time smoker of cigarettes; I had stopped smoking for a year and had a relapse. I tried Chantex® twice, which only decreased the number of cigarettes I would smoke. Finally I met with Myra and then I worked with my subconscious using PSYCH – K. I have been smoke free since May 2013, with only very brief thoughts of smoking, basically I feel as though I never smoked and have not gained any weight as a result of smoking cessation. I highly recommend Myra Lovvorn and PSYCH – K. Go ahead, step outside of your box and give it a try. Allow PSYCH – K to bring about your highest potential, I feel that it would be a benefit for almost anyone and on many different levels; with PSYCH – K you are awake, it’s non-invasive, and painless.  Wish you all the best,  

Jon P., RN, Grand Junction, CO

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