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PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop -  Full 3-days!  The workshop starts at 9:00AM until 6:00PM with several hours of supervised Balances that YOUR Subconscious Mind chooses for you.  

You WILL Balance REAL LIFE issues during these 3 days and 

your life is destined to change!

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January 2018

Basic Workshop

Dates for January 19-21, 2018 in Tarpon Springs Florida 

We Experineced an AMAZING Workshop!!!!!  

Tarpon Springs Happy 1.21.18

Contact  Judy Kane if you are interested in Another Basic Workshop in the Tarpon Springs area! 


Basic Workshop - The Ancient Wisdom of Yoga Holistic Wellness Center

We expereinced another AMAZING Transformational Workshop on January 26-28, 2018!!

Yeah Riverview FLorida 1.28.18

Thank you Henry Huta (PhD To BE) for Hosting our Workshop!!

Contact Judy Kane if you are interested in another Basic Workshop in the Riverview Area. 


February 2018

Basic Workshop - February 16-18, 2018

Venue:  Jacksonville University in Jacksonville Florida

 Register Today!   February 16-18, 2018

Download CNE Disclosure Form Here!

Contact Myra Lovvorn or Lynn Schumacher if you are interested in attending a Basic Workshop.

If you are an employee of the university, Contact Lynn Schumacher for Details about registration and CEs for counselors. 


March 2018

Basic Workshop - March 2-4, 2018

Venue:  Richmond Virginia, Venue TBA

 Register Today! March 2-4, 2018

Contact Myra Lovvorn if you are interested in attending a Basic Workshop.

CNE Disclosure Form for Download.


April 2018

Basic Workshop - April 13-15, 2018

Venue:  Arlington Virginia, Venue TBA

 Register Today! March 2-4, 2018

Contact Myra Lovvorn if you are interested in attending a Basic Workshop.

Nursing CNE Disclosure Form for Download.


* 20 CNEs Approved for Basic Workshop for Registered Nurses.  Download CNE reporting document here.

** CEs for Massage Therapists for 20 CEs Approved for Basic Workshop beginning August 2, 2016.

Cancellation Policy:  A $50 administrative fee will be deducted from the Workshop Investment if cancellation occurs within 48 hours of the start of the Workshop. We reserve the right to deduct $25.00 fee for any cancellation on reservations made using credit cards.

 The remaining refund will be completed as soon as possible, however guarenteed within one week of the completion of the workshop.


About the Basic Workshop Experience: 

What makes this workshop ‘better’ than other offerings?

Hi all, I am a senior engineering leader and have worked in several fortune 100 companies in the past like Microsoft, Amazon and American Express to name a few. I have had the opporutnity to have benefited from some of my companies in the past investing in executive coaching and trainings for me to help with growth moments and dealing with change. Nothing was as transformative or as immediate as attending Myra’s one workshop on Psych-k was. It helped address problems that I thought I had gotten over, which were deep rooted and were manifesting as health problems, by changing my belief system at subconscious level. I wish more people went with an open mind leveraged these immense possibilities. It is good for each of us individually and as a collective for this planet. Thank you Myra, I am so grateful for your help!

B. Nuvvula, India

Would you recommend this activity to others? 

Absolutely. I feel EVERY nurse would grow tremendously by taking this workshop to provide deep healing for him/herself and provide needed self-care. It also would deeply help their patients/clients in their self healing at their core: their subconscious mind and spirit level. This is transformational work in every way!

This workshop was very practical and applicable to my own personal growth process and in helping patients that I care for in the hospital.  I am able to use what I learned immediately in my daily life helping myself, my family, friends, and patients I serve.

 M. Mazur, RN, BSN Detroit, MI

Was the workshop worth the cost?

A life changing course that proves every particle in the universe is connected.  Thank you for making the courses affordable.  Because they are worth So Much More.  The price reflects the honorable intentions of the course and its originators. (After Basic & Advanced Workshops)

T. Daniels, North Carolina


*NOTE:  Early Registration for Basic workshops is $650 for all 3 Days.  The Full Registration Fee Remained $700 for full 3 Days.  For PSYCH-K Facilitators who have taken the workshop previously, the first repeat investment is $200 (or $100/day if only attend one of the 3 days) and with attendance at subsequent Basic Workshops, a minimal charge of $25-$50 will be requested to cover food and cost of the venue.


Current Richmond Area Meetings . . .

Bi-Monthly Group Meetings 

“WooFinders” Group in the Richmond and Central Virginia area.  Our Group has met bi-monthly since 2010, sharing our experiences in transforming Beliefs and building an AMAZING Community.  

We welcome all to come and experience this community! Our hope is you will get ‘hooked’ on the idea of changing your beliefs to become happy and healthy! 

Contact Myra for invitation, address, dates and times.

  Link to other Professionals in Richmond

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